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Paiute Trail

A Ride Across the Tushars

A side loop of Utah’s famous Paiute Trail, one of the best recreational rides in the state, comes into Beaver County and is easily accessible. Ramblers’ portion of the Paiute trail takes you through stunning vistas, technical ascents, and dense forest environments.

From the main trail, riders will find over 1000 miles of marked side trails and an estimated 1500 plus miles of side forest roads and trails. To ride the complete Paiute Trail takes an estimated 25 hours, so it is often enjoyed in segments. If you are looking to do the complete loop, we recommend planning out a three to four-day trip.

The Paiute trail caters to ATV riders looking for relaxing, family-type riding as well as stretches that will challenge technical riders. To learn more about which segments may be best for your riding style, visit

Looking to take an extended trip? There are many camping sites located near the path and areas for additional activities like fishing, hiking and wildlife viewpoints. The trail also has points of access from numerous cities with hotels, restaurants and other recreational activities. 

The trail climbs high up in the Tushar Mountains and offers views that can’t be beat. The riding season is dictated by mother nature with higher elevations often closed into July. Spring riding is often constrained to the lower portions of the trail and as the snow melts, high altitude portions will be opened. High altitude portions are popular in summer as they offer an escape from the heat in the valley. It is the fall that is widely recognized as the best time of year to ride. The days are brisk, the nights are cool, the trees are colorful, and there are typically clear skies, making the chance of catching a view that spans hundreds of miles possible. As winter storms roll in, watch the weather as trail segments will be closed. 

Ramble Responsibly in Beaver County!
Know before you go, stay to the trail, and leave no trace on the Paiute Trail.



High Plateaus and Huge Views
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Explore all 23 miles of the panoramic Skyline Trail on horseback, or explore smaller sections for day hikes, mountain biking, or backpacking adventures. The trail touts a top elevation of 11,100 feet and winds along multiple 12,000-foot peaks. Remote and secluded you’ll have plenty of campsites to choose from.

The dramatic trail and spectacular views make for an unforgettable adventure. Come in the spring for snowy glades, summer for vibrant wildflowers, and fall for golden aspens.

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Climb a Crag
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Climb and rappel Taylor’s Crag for some of the best rock in the Ramblers. A locals’ spot, Taylor’s Crag is great for adventurers of all skill levels. Make a day of it and start from a Paiute Trail ATV adventure stop for lunch and a bit of climbing at the Crag then make your way back to Beaver along the vast ATV trails.

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