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Some of Utah’s best OHV rides are found in Ramblers. With the region’s diverse landscape, OHV trails are available in the alpine forests of the Tushar Mountains and through the desert of the Mineral Mountains. Discover short rides for a fun afternoon or long rides that cross county lines for an overnight adventure.

The Mineral Mountains are ideal for early spring and late fall riding. If you’re ready to get the machine out after the long winter, this is a perfect place to start. The ride to Rock Corral and the surrounding area is at lower elevations and a great place to launch the season. 

In the dead of summer, head to the high alpine of the Tusher Mountains, the Paiute Trail, and its side trails. 

If you’re new to the area, spend a day with a guide from Tucker High Adventure Tours or grab a rental machine to check out the beauty on your own.

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Hoping to bag another summit? Looking to hang glide clear across the state? The purple quartzite slopes of Frisco Peak, the highest point in the Frisco Mountains, won’t disappoint.