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Granite Peak Reservoir

A great afternoon hiking destination, with a hidden cache!

This hidden gem is a favorite of the locals. The trail up to the reservoir can be hiked in about an hour, and then the challenge really begins.

Hiking up to Granite Peak Reservoir

Start the day by grabbing a lunch to go from Penny’s Diner. With lunch packed up, head out of town on the Soldier pass Trail, a well maintained dirt road that climbs over the 7,388-foot Soldier pass in the Mineral Mountains. If you park right at the top of the pass there is a fence line, follow the trail on the east side of the fenceĀ  to discover the reservoir, a pool of water surrounded by the jagged rocks of the Mineral Mountains. This is a fun place for people of all ages and abilities to explore.


OHVing up to the Reservoir

Another great way to explore the Minerals is on your OHV or ATV, there are a wide variety of trails in and around the Mineral Mountains, so if you have a ride, put this stop on your list.

Looking for a catch instead of a cache?

The reservoir is full of fish and whether you are fly fishing, spinning or baitcasting there is a good chance you will get a bite.