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Beaver County Ice Caves

Located within the majestic Tushar Mountain Range and nestled within a forest of aspen and mixed conifer Tushar Lake is the perfect base camp for outdoor adventure.

Three Creeks

Enjoy a perfect day of fun on the water at Three Creeks or explore the nearby expansive trail system.

The Pocket Trail

The Pocket Trail is the perfect, challenging day hike that pays off in spectacular views!

Skyline Trail

Hike, bike, horseback ride, backpack or even OHV along Skyline Trail to glimpse some of the most panoramic views of the Tushars you can find.

Paiute Trail

The Paiute trail caters to ATV riders looking for relaxing, family-type riding as well as stretches that will challenge technical riders.


Known and visited by few, Utah’s Minerals are the state’s largest exposed mass of solidified molten rock – including some of the world’s most prized gems!


Manderfield Reservoir, or as many locals still refer to it, Indian Creek Reservoir, is the epicenter of year-round outdoor adventure!


This serene and secluded alpine retreat is ideal for wildlife viewing, hunting in season, camping, and picnicking.


Big John Flat hosts stunning views, peaceful camping, and outdoor activities of every kind.