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Drive west from Milford about 25 miles until you reach the Frisco town ruins. Located at the base of the San Francisco Mountains, Frisco is now the remains of an old mining town. After the discovery of silver in 1875, Frisco was created in just a few weeks and it quickly earned the reputation as one of the west’s toughest mining camps. Legend has it that murders occurred daily—which might explain why the Frisco cemetery became the biggest in the state at the time.

With the mining boom, Frisco grew to a population of more than 6,000 people, with 21 saloons, hotels, gambling halls, and a red-light district that was on par with any other mining boomtown of the era. But when the mines went bust, so did the town. Now, you can still see the charcoal kilns that were used in the mining process. Have a picnic lunch at the kilns, and don’t forget to hashtag your pictures there at #friscokilns. Explore the weathered old buildings that still stand, and you can still visit the cemetery, which features tombstones dating back to the late 1800s.

Ramble Responsibly in Beaver County!
Honor local community, history, and heritage.
Pack out your trash when you visit Frisco.


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