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Mountains & Peaks

If you like peaks, Beaver County has plenty of them. Bagging peaks just turned into an adventure that may span three to four days.

From Delano Peak—the third-highest in Utah and easiest for peak baggers—to Mt. Baldy, the elusive peak that many people have shelved when trying to summit, there are three peaks over 12,000 feet and many others that are almost that high and arguably just as hard to summit in Beaver County. The mountain ranges in Beaver County are diverse, spanning from high alpine to high desert. Make sure you’re prepared for the correct landscape as you explore the remote areas in these ranges.

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Maybe you’re a peakbagger collecting all the Utah highpoints. Or maybe you just like the way the sun sets behind purple desert mountains. Either way, these are your mountains.

Located just west of Beaver, the Mineral Mountains offer 28 miles of spectacular outdoor adventure!