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Take part in an age-old custom while also recreating in Ramblers’ winter wonderland by snowshoeing. If you’ve snowshoed before, you get it. Quiet, solitude, crisp air, blood pumping through your veins, and the white, wintery views that will stay with you forever.

However, if you’ve never tried snowshoeing and are looking for something to do this winter while in Ramblers, we encourage you to give it a try. Not only is it a great winter exercise, but it’s also a great social activity people of all ages and abilities can do together, it’s inexpensive, and it requires only a few basic techniques.

To get started, visit Beaver Sport and Pawn in downtown Beaver to get the gear you need or contact Tucker High Adventure Tours for rentals or a snowshoe tour.

For the latest snow conditions, contact the Ranger District Office at 435-438-2436.

Once you’re prepped and ready to go, here are the top places to snowshoe in Ramblers.

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Utah’s winters are known for its large ski resorts, like Deer Valley and Alta. But beyond these, Beaver County is still Utah and a winter wonderland filled with activities for all interests and abilities.

Anderson Meadow Reservoir is one of the many amazing reservoirs you can find when exploring the Tushars. This reservoir covers 8 acres at an elevation of 9,355 feet with a maximum depth of 21 feet.

If you are looking for year-round adventure, look no further. Eagle Point is four seasons of fun. Winter at the resort offers wide, neatly groomed beginner terrain as well as steep powder filled slopes for the more adventurous.