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Gravel Cycling

Enjoy some of Utah's best gravel biking routes in Ramblers. Our detailed map of routes brings you from high alpine into the desert.

Click on any route and find distance, elevation gain, descriptions, photos, and more!

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Ramble Responsibly Ramble Responsibly

Be thoughtful as you cycle in Ramblers. Watch for cars and people and leave no trace.

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Roughly sixty years after first opening their plant, the family farm-owners decided to take this hidden gem and turn it into a grand experience for their loyal customers. They envisioned a building that not only served as

Founded in 1867 at the behest of Mormon pioneer Brigham Young, Cove Fort has likely survived for more than a century and a half thanks in part to its use of volcanic rock rather than the typical wood construction of

This unique structure built by a skilled craftsman back in the day is quite unique and worth a visit. The cabin is built in a hollowed-out section of a large boulder. It is assumed that a miner built the cabin

Skyline Trail offers some of the most panoramic views of the Tushars you can find. There are so many ways to enjoy this trail. Hikers can choose any length they would like to explore with this out-and-back trail. Backpackers can

Things are heating up in the Ramblers when you come to visit this geothermal hotspot. Just 11 miles northeast of Milford, you can be transported to a spot that looks out of this world. This evolving natural phenomenon is home

From the east, Granite Peak doesn’t look like much, but the western side reveals breathtaking formations of rock and undiscovered canyons. The tallest peak in the Mineral Mountains (named for their rich offerings), Granite Peak offers sweeping views of the

Minersville Lake (aka Minersville Reservoir) is more than 900 acres when full. Adjacent to the lake you’ll find a county-operated campground and paved boat ramp, where you can rent pedal boats and life jackets for a couple of hours.