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Some of Utah’s best OHV rides are found in Ramblers. With the region’s diverse landscape, OHV trails are available in the alpine forests of the Tushar Mountains and through the desert of the Mineral Mountains.

The Mineral Mountains are ideal for early spring and late fall riding. If you’re ready to get the machine out after the long winter, this is a perfect place to start. The ride to Rock Corral and the surrounding area is at lower elevations and a great place to launch the season. In the dead of summer, head to the high alpine of the Tusher Mountains, the Paiute Trail, and its side trails. 

Using the Ride with GPS app or the map below, discover short rides for a fun afternoon or long rides that cross county lines for an overnight adventure. These defined rides offer detailed descriptions, elevation gain, imagery, points of interest, and more for a seamless ride along Beaver County’s OHV trail systems.

If you’re new to the area, spend a day with a guide from Tucker High Adventure Tours or grab a rental machine to check out the beauty on your own.

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Founded in 1867 at the behest of Mormon pioneer Brigham Young, Cove Fort has likely survived for more than a century and a half thanks in part to its use of volcanic rock rather than the typical wood construction of

The Pass Road was originally created to trail cattle raised on the verdant meadows in the Beaver valley across the Mineral Range to Milford to be sold and shipped off by train.

Skyline Trail offers some of the most panoramic views of the Tushars you can find. There are so many ways to enjoy this trail. Hikers can choose any length they would like to explore with this out-and-back trail. Backpackers can

Built in the Late Victorian architectural style, the Territorial Courthouse was completed in June 1882. This building features a second-story courtroom where the flag from the USS Utah, which sank during the attack on Pearl Harbor is on display.

Things are heating up in the Ramblers when you come to visit this geothermal hotspot. Just 11 miles northeast of Milford, you can be transported to a spot that looks out of this world. This evolving natural phenomenon is home

The canyon is located on the eastern slopes of the Tushar Mountains between Mount Belknap and Delano Peak. The name comes from the old gold, silver, lead and copper mines in the area.

Granite Peak Reservoir is a stunning pool tucked into a narrow rock canyon. From Milford City, drive east up the Pass Road Turn on the Pass Road and park at the top of the pass at the cattle guard.

The Chromosome Dome is one of the Milford Domes in the Mineral Mountains. Home to some of Utah’s best off-the-beaten-track climbing adventures, the domes—a collection of white granite cliffs, buttresses, towers, and castles—offer loads of bolt-protected slab routes and tricky

If you are looking for year-round adventure, look no further. Eagle Point is four seasons of fun. Winter at the resort offers wide, neatly groomed beginner terrain as well as steep powder filled slopes for the more adventurous.

Minersville Lake (aka Minersville Reservoir) is more than 900 acres when full. Adjacent to the lake you’ll find a county-operated campground and paved boat ramp, where you can rent pedal boats and life jackets for a couple of hours.