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Historical Attractions

Beaver County's history goes back as far as the earliest pioneers who rode their wagons into the Tushars to carve ice from what is now known as the ice caves.

Since then, miners have come and run kilns that still stand near Milford City, the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers restored the Beaver Courthouse and curated its contents into a museum, and local inventor Philo T. Farnsworth made many crucial contributions to the early development of all-electronic television. Explore all of it in Beaver County!

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The Beaver County Courthouse Museum will delight all kinds of history buffs. Built in the 1880s the Victorian architecture is something not to miss. Enjoy well-curated items from the 19th century and Territorial period.

Things are heating up in the Beaver County when you come to visit this geothermal hotspot. Just 11 miles northeast of Milford, you can be transported to a spot that looks out of this world. This evolving natural phenomenon is

Built in 1908, the Beaver Opera House made Beaver a shining cultural beacon in southern Utah. The classical revival building is constructed of pink tuff and now houses the Opera House Civic Center. The Beaver Opera House was used for

Beaver County in southwestern Utah is the perfect place for a family outdoor getaway. It’s filled with wild places—rugged mountains, sharp canyons, placid lakes, and wildflower-covered meadows—that offer plenty of memorable adventures for kids.

First comes snow, then comes the mud. Mud season is something hikers, bikers, and riders in Beaver County must be prepared for when hitting the trails.