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Beaver Trails ATV Jamboree Rides

Register for the Jamboree, July 11 – 14, 2023, or ride these on your own all summer long.

Click Here for the 2023 Beaver Trails ATV Jamboree Ride Descriptions

Please note, to use the GPX files below, you will have to first download the files and then upload them to apps like Gaia GPS or Google Maps.

This video will provide more detailed instructions on how to do this.

#1 Lincoln Mine

This ride will highlight the historic Lincoln Mining District, the first lead mine in Utah, where riders will be given a brief history of this area. The tour will showcase the Creole Mine where riders will witness water flowing out of the mouth of the mine after early miners struck an underground aquifer. For lunch, the ride will stop at the Minersville town park where restroom facilities are available. The ride will also include a trip up Jacks Peak, which affords a scenic overlook of the Milford Flat. This is a popular ride with locals and visitors. View Full Details

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#2 Rock Corral Loop

For those looking for scenery, this trail showcases the granite peaks of the Mineral Mountains. Look for the circus bear and dinosaur within the rock formations as you travel past large granite monoliths along the route. One special point of interest will be the Indian rock paintings, which are very unique and different from typical petroglyphs. Lunch will be at the Rock Corral picnic area where restrooms are available. This is one of our most popular rides. View Full Details

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#3 Picture Rock Trail

This ride takes you into the lofty Tushar Mountains to the base of towering Mount Baldy. From the trail, the mountain ridges will stretch above you toward the clouds, leaving you completely breathless. You will cross over Tanner Mountain into Indian Creek and take a ride up Twitchell Canyon. The scenic views along this ride are unparalleled. A lunch stop will take place at Manderfield Reservoir where restroom facilities are available. There are many water crossings on this ride and the highlight will be a stop at the Picture Rock Quarry. Picture rocks are shale rocks with intricate designs resembling art pieces and you will have the unique opportunity to see these special rocks. View Full Details

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#4 Historic Cove Fort Ride

This ride focuses on a stop at historic Cove Fort where riders will get a tour of the refurbished pioneer fort. There is a lot to experience at the fort which includes a short movie, which is a must see if you are a history buff. The Fort offers daily tours and has picnic and restroom facilities. The ride also contains lots of great scenery and wonderful vistas as you travel the foothills of the incredible Tushar Mountains. One notable section will be Pine Creek Canyon with numerous stream crossings of the cottonwood lined creek. View Full Details

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#5 Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake offers some of the rockiest, gnarliest stuff we have to offer. You will enjoy big wide open, wild sage brush country through open rolling terrain that was deforested by wild fire long ago. The highlight of this ride will be a breathtaking vista of the Parowan Valley when you reach the top of the Bald Ridges. This is unique country, with plenty of deer and wildlife inhabiting this area. The name Rattlesnake originating from the rough jagged terrain of Rattlesnake Ridge. View Full Details

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#6 Mag’s Brothel

This ride will pass through some stunning country with lots of gamble oak and mahogany covered hills. There are exciting hill climbs and fun twisty trails. We will take a step back in time as we stop to see the remnants of Mag’s famous brothel and bathhouse. Another highlight is a stop at an old miner’s cabin that was built into a giant boulder. Finally, we will stop at a Depression Era cement reservoir built by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the 1930s. The spectacular rock formations and views will thrill you. View Full Details

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#7 Cave Canyon

Riders will experience Cave Canyon, ascending from pinyon/juniper through mahogany and stands of aspen to a scenic overlook. The top of the canyon will give amazing views of the valley, the Tushar Mountain Range to the east, Cherry Creek and the surrounding peaks of the southern Mineral Mountains. This ride is one we think you will enjoy. View Full Details

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#8 Mad Dog (formerly Oak Basin)

This ride, formerly known as Oak Basin, will showcase the country to the south of Beaver around the Fremont Wash area. You will travel through pinyon/juniper covered foothills and ascend into rolling hills and canyons covered with mahogany. There is also lots of open sage brush covered hills as we pass from lower Bear Valley through Dog Valley into Upper Dog Valley. View Full Details

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#9 Twist Creek

This ride features a 50” ATV trail that passes through mahogany, spruce and aspen forests, interspersed by grassy meadows within the Fishlake National Forest. Lunch will take place at a small pristine lake and the trail will provide riders an enjoy-able experience with elevations ranging over 9000 feet. We added this ride due to the high request of rides into the Tushar Mountains. This is a ride that has the potential to be impacted by winter snow pack. View Full Details

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#10 Bear Valley

This ride features a stunning trail through the Dixie National Forest as you travel to the town of Panguitch. The route will take riders through Buckskin Valley, a broad sage brush valley, into Cottonwood Canyon with its rocky precipices and scenic aspen stands. The ride will then cross Upper Bear Valley and follow an ATV trail through the Dixie National Forest with thrilling hill climbs and scenic canyons all the way to Panguitch. This trail has the potential to be our new most popular ride, with all its scenic wonders and exciting trails. Don’t miss this one. View Full Details

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#11 Parowan Gap

This ride will cross over the Bald Ridges south of Beaver and down Cottonwood Wash into the Parowan Valley. Cottonwood Wash is a fun highlight of this ride where a small stream trickles down a sandy wash leaving deep rut crossings to entertain you. There will be a stop at Kane Springs and you will pass by the Little Salt Lake. This ride also features a stop to look at dinosaur tracks in the ancient sandstone as you travel to the Gap. Finally, the focus of this ride is the famous petroglyphs located at the Parowan Gap. These ancient markings were made by native people of the area as well as Spanish explorers passing through and later markings were left by pioneers. There are interpretive panels with benches and a pavilion for visitors at the site to learn about the cultural importance and meaning of the rock art. View Full Details

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#12 Frisco Kilns

This ride features a unique chance to view historic charcoal kilns erected around the Frisco Mining District back in the 1870’s. There will be a history lesson on the area and explanation for the purpose and need for producing charcoal for the mines. This ride will also feature a breathtaking ride to the top of Frisco Peak with its amazing scenic overlook at 9700 feet elevation. This tour will visit numerous kiln sites and if you are a history buff, this ride is for you. View Full Details

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#13 Lamerdorf Peak

This ride will feature the Southern Wah Wah Mountains, a fun opportunity to see some unique country in western Beaver County. You will also get to see some kilns that are not on the Frisco ride. There will be some very scenic over looks when you reach the top of the mountain. View Full Details

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#14 Lookout Point

This is a short ride, about 25 miles round trip, which will take you up the 05 Paiute trail. We will climb the “face” above Beaver where you will get a grand view of the valley from “Look Out Point”. The view from the point is incredible. If weather allows we will make a short trip up to the ice caves where the founders used to store ice year around and bring it down all summer for their homes. View Full Details

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#15 Black Mountain

This is a short ride, about 26 miles round trip. This ride will feature a trip to view ancient Indian petroglyphs along with a story of the remains of an Indian princess that were discovered at the site. This will require a little bit of walking around in order to get the entire view. View Full Details

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#16 Fortuna Night Ride

This is a ride that will begin at 6:00 pm and return back after dark at about 10:00 pm. We will only be taking the first 20 people that sign up. It will go up Fortuna Canyon, known for the former gold mining town of Fortuna that once existed here. The highlight will be crossing over the top of Gillies Hill in the dark to view the lights of the Beaver Valley. View Full Details

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