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Camping and backpacking options are abundant in Beaver County. Surrounded by national forest and wilderness areas, you'll find campgrounds, RV parks, and a variety of trails located throughout.

There are three types of camping available in Beaver County—dispersed, non-improved campgrounds, and improved campgrounds. Whatever your comfort level, we have you covered.

Dispersed camping areas include Big John Flat, Big Flat, and Indian Creek. Note, some of these names are similar, so don’t get confused because they are miles apart. 

Non-improved campgrounds include Anderson Meadow and LeBaron.

Improved campgrounds are Beaver Camperland, DeLano Motel and RV Park, and Beaver KOA.

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Located within the majestic Tushar Mountain Range and nestled within a forest of aspen and mixed conifer Tushar Lake, also known as Lower Kents Lake, is the perfect place for outdoor adventure.

This beautiful high mountain retreat offers excellent fishing in LeBaron Lake and magnificent scenery. At 9900-foot elevation, alpine vegetation surrounds the serene and secluded LeBaron Reservoir

Anderson Meadow Reservoir is one of the many amazing reservoirs you can find when exploring the Tushars. This reservoir covers 8 acres at an elevation of 9,355 feet with a maximum depth of 21 feet.