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Beau’s Auto Parts

Beau’s Auto Parts | 85 N Main | 435-438-2347

Beau Bradshaw, Owner of Beau’s Auto Parts, has lived in Beaver for 32 years. He moved here because he saw how incredible the community was and wanted to make the parts service better for all residents while offering employment opportunities.

County-wide tourism, particularly the traffic from I-15, has indirectly and directly affected his business in many positive ways. Many visitors come into his business for help. But, many of the county’s businesses for whom he supplies materials also see increased traffic from out-of-town visitors.

While not running a business, Beau enjoys farming, exploring the mountains, and riding his horses.

He believes all local businesses are wonderful and would love to see a multi-purpose center built locally.

When folks come into his shop, he suggests they head to the mountain to fish, trail ride, and more.