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Britt’s Meadow

With wide trails and abundant wildlife, Britts Meadow is in the Beaver River Canyon of the Tushar Mountains at the junction of Lake Stream and Hy Hunt Creek. From Britts Meadow you can hike to Big Flat, this hike is great for a group. The 3.5 mile trail (or 7 mile round trip) is a gentle incline through the Tushars.

Directions to Britt’s Meadow can be found here.

The hike from Britts Meadow to Big Flat features wide trails and relatively gentle climbing, making this 3.5-mile hike amidst the towering Tushars and abundant wildlife a great outing for groups.

The trail (#228) follows Hy Hunt Creek along an old road that was created to install telephone lines from Britt Meadow to the Big Flat Ranger Station. You can go from the top down—starting at the ranger station—or from the bottom up starting at Britt Meadow, with both trailheads about 45 minutes from Beaver. You’ll enter Beaver Canyon via state route 153. Keep in mind that you’ll have two to three miles of dirt roads to reach either trailhead.