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Delano Peak

The tallest mountain in the Tushar Range and in two counties, Delano Peak offers the intrepid climber an incomparable view of Southern Utah, and bragging rights for summiting the 12,174-foot titan (over 6,000 feet higher than nearby Beaver City). Despite its height, the Peak is non-technical, so just grab your hiking boots and ten essentials and go for it (though some may feel the effects of the altitude). If you’re lucky you’ll spy herds of mountain goats scrambling across the talus during your trek.

Fun fact: the peak was named after President Grant’s Secretary of the Interior, Columbus Delano (who had a pretty cool name).

Getting there:

From Beaver City, head east on Highway 153 for 16 miles to FS road 123, or Big John Flat Road. Stay left at all junctions until you come to the Big John Flat camping area. Head up the mountain at 5.6 miles from the junction of Big John Flat and Highway 153, following Poison Creek.

Ramble Responsibly Ramble Responsibly

Enjoy hiking Delano Peak, but please leave no trace.