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Ethical Hunting in Utah

Hunting in Utah is not just about the kill. Where licensing regulates most game hunting, there’s a code of ethics that goes along with it. In what is known as “fair chase” as stated by the Boone and Crockett Club, no hunter shall take unfair advantage or pursuit over the animals being hunted. This means having adequate knowledge of both the environment and the animal so that a kill can be made quickly. It also includes respecting the customs of the land so that the practice can remain sustainable. Baiting an animal or promoting distress in order to kill is looked down upon among hunters, including Theodore Roosevelt who famously declined to shoot a bear tied to a tree. Such admiration earned him the honor of having a stuffed bear named after him — the Teddy Bear. 

Utah offers several digital guidebooks for different species of game. A careful review of regulations and permits minimizes the possibility of mistakes in the field. It also helps the management of wildlife in different areas and contributes to the overall sustainability of the land. Utilize these resources to maintain a healthy code of ethics and prevent violations or suspensions when hunting.

As September is archery season for elk, take some time to research your hunting locale. Keep in mind your fellow hunters and talk to a local outfitter if thinking about setting out in a certain area. This can greatly improve your overall trip and prevent the saturation of hunters at any one spot. Bow hunting can be a very satisfying alternative to hunting with a rifle, especially when all measures are followed. Ramble responsibly in your hunt, respect the rules and respect the land. 

Ramble Responsibly Ramble Responsibly

Leave wildlife alone in Beaver County.