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First time Skier at Eagle Point Resort

I’m a new transplant to Beaver City, but my husband’s family has been in the area for many years. Within days of arriving (we were still unpacking), my new family started pestering me about not knowing how to ski. “How could I be a 22-year-OLD woman and not understand the ‘true bliss’ of skiing?” Wanting to make a good impression and eager to have new experiences, I agreed to give Eagle Point Resort a try.

I secretly had my concerns: Would it be too cold? Would I fall, and if so, would it hurt?! Would I get lost? Would it be fun?!!

Driving up to the resort, I held my breath. This mountain is so beautiful! Once at the resort, I rented equipment and signed up for a full day lesson from one of the mountain pros—and I’m glad I did. Jason was kind and patient. I quickly nailed my “pizza wedge” and was anxious that first time sliding off the chairlift, but I made it!!

Hungry for lunch, I regretted bringing a sack lunch after seeing the options at the Resort. Next time, I’ll opt for a hot and juicy hamburger or some soup. That afternoon, I surprised myself with my progress (I could slow down and stop when I wanted). I loved how strong and capable my body felt. . I loved hearing the sound of the snow under my skis and feeling the wind in my hair.  By the end of the day, I was exhausted, but I knew I was hooked.

For anybody who has never skied, I’ll address my concerns:

Was it cold?  Remarkably not really. I was dressed appropriately (thanks to sound advice from family) and have since learned that in Beaver County, most days are like this—a ‘normal day in paradise’—seasonably mild temperatures and a cornflower blue sunny sky.

Would I fall? Oh yes. I fell any which way you can imagine falling, then I fell again. I often fell when I expected to and was caught off guard by gravity even more. At first, I grunted and groaned learning how to get back up but was laughing my head off with a mouth full of snow before long. I made it home with no injuries, and I won’t lie, I was tired the next day, but my cheeks were sore from smiling so much, so I have no complaints.

Would I get lost? Not even close. Was the map easy to read? Yes. Were the trails well marked? Yes! Was I able to safely stay on green (and blue!) runs? Yes!! Was my family able to “out ski” me and divert onto harder trails?  Oh yes, the whole family found runs to suit their expertise. We all had fun crisscrossing each other, enjoying the differences in terrain.

Would it be fun? Er-mah-gah!!! It was a blast!!  I expected it to be fun because my family had hyped it up, but I didn’t expect to want to go again the following weekend.  And we’re now talking about all the other fun we can have outside now that we live in Beaver City!

Ramble Responsibly Ramble Responsibly

Ski with care at Eagle Point Resort.