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Frisco Peak

Hoping to bag another summit? Looking to hang glide clear across the state? The purple quartzite slopes of Frisco Peak, the highest point in the Frisco Mountains, won’t disappoint. The San Francisco Mountain Range, as it is formally named, is one of the lesser-known and explored ranges.

Those with high clearance vehicles and the patience to withstand lots of jolts and bumps can drive all the way to the top of the 9,660-foot mountain, where they’ll find communication towers and a hang gliding Launchpad. Gliders have reportedly touched down as far away as Wyoming! At an elevation of 9,600 feet, gliding enthusiasts report achieving altitudes of 18,000 feet and distances in excess of 150 miles. Currently, the 8th longest hang gliding distance flight record in Utah is held by Dave Taylor (Frisco Peak to Park City, UT, 178 miles).

Ramble Responsibly Ramble Responsibly

Leave no trace on Frisco Peak, whether you hang glide or hike.