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Get to Know The Creamery

In 1952, local dairy farmers built a plant to supply cheese to the Beaver community. Soon afterward, the facility, owned today by the family farm-owners of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), began selling cheese curds out of store on the side of the plant—a natural step during the cheese-making process and a fresh and unique commodity in Utah. The popularity of these cheese curds grew with visitors traveling from Salt Lake, Las Vegas, and beyond, making this cheese plant and its store a Utah hidden gem.

Roughly sixty years after first opening their plant, the family farm-owners decided to take this hidden gem and turn it into a grand experience for their loyal customers. They envisioned a building that not only served as a high-quality, locally produced dairy store, but also as an educational journey, a dining establishment, and more. As a result, The Creamery opened in 2018 to rave reviews from out-of-town visitors and locals alike and officially established itself as a must-visit Utah destination.



Located just 75 yards from the original plant, The Creamery sells a handful of cheeses, each expertly crafted to suit the palates of its visitors, as well as its famous cheese curds, aka squeaky cheese, of which it sells two to three thousand pounds each weekend during peak season. These sales reflect the cheese’s quality, which comes from the dedication and passion of local family farms to produce rich and nutritious milk. Made at the plant and packed by hand, the cheeses on The Creamery’s shelves (if not aged), have been made within 30 days of their arrival to the store.

The Creamery’s building was designed to reflect the area’s architecture, with strong, wood beams, a farm-inspired interior, and beautiful rock colors representing the surrounding mountain ranges. Inside, an experiential space provides a cheesemaking table with touchscreen cheesemaking activities, brightly colored and illustrated walls, and a life-size cow named Lily who can be milked via a real milking machine with a digital representation of the milk. Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the local dairy farmers who live within 20 miles of the plant and supply its milk.



Hungry? An all-day dairy-inspired menu offers fresh, high-quality meals made with local ingredients whenever possible. Ice cream made using milk produced by the brand’s family farm-owners makes for a perfect way to wrap up a meal.

The Creamery is not just an incredible dairy retailer, it has also helped the Beaver community in countless ways. When it opened, The Creamery had less than 20 employees. Today, it employs 45 local community members. Its location by the highway also helps draw the passerby who then explores more of Beaver, spending money within the community. There are also loyal customers who travel long distances to buy cheese from The Creamery and who then take a day or more to play in Beaver’s fantastic outdoor spaces or dive into local history, all while helping the local economy grow.



Visit The Creamery

165 S. 500 W. Beaver, UT 84713


Hours of Operation

Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm

Monday – Wednesday, 9 am to 6 pm

Thursday – Friday, 9 am to 8 pm

Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm


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