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Mags Brothel

Things are heating up in Beaver County when you come to visit this geothermal hotspot. Just 11 miles northeast of Milford, you can be transported to a spot that looks out of this world. This evolving natural phenomenon is home to bubbling pools, boiling mud puddles, and hissing steam vents. Resting above what is believed to be a patch of cooling magma, this is Utah’s hottest geothermal system. Make sure you pack your camera to capture the beautiful colors that the sulfur creates on the rocks.

As for Mags Brothel, well, it is long gone. There are, however, some remaining structures like the remnants of a swimming pool to give evidence of the former hotel and bathhouse that attracted miners from Frisco during the late 1800s mining boom, a day’s ride away.

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Leave no Trace when you get outside and visit mags brothel.