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With a current population of about 1,500, Milford is a small town located in the western section of Beaver County, Utah. The first settlers took up homesteads in 1880. The city’s name is derived from the crossing of the Beaver River by freighters to and from the mines to the west. The term Mill Ford was shortened to the present name. The city further developed with the construction of the San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake Railroad, which established a station here. The town is a testament to the story of the pioneers who built railroads, developed mines, and brought cattle to the ranges.

Attractions for visitors traveling into Milford’s Western Desert Area include the abandoned mining sites and ghost towns of Shauntie, Newhouse, and Frisco, whose cemetery draws thousands of visitors each year. At its peak, Frisco was the queen of Utah’s mining camps with the Horn Silver Mine yielding more than one billion dollars in silver, lead, gold, and other minerals in today’s dollar value. Animal lovers will also be fascinated to know that the Western Desert Area is home to wild horses, antelope, and mountain lions.

Check out the Mineral Mountains, whose granite peaks are some of the most unique rock formations in the world. Rock Corral, located in this mountain setting, is perfect for a cookout as it has tables and grills for visitors’ use. Rockhounds will delight in local Indian petroglyphs and the availability of minerals such as obsidian, red beryl, opal, quartz, agate, fossils, and metalliferous specimens.

“In the 65 years that I’ve lived here, I have always treasured the beauty of the surrounding mountains, especially in the fall when the leaves turn different shades of gold and red. This is also the kind of place where if anyone gets in any kind of trouble, the whole town comes together to help out. You can just soak in the love from everyone around you.”

-Mrs. Miller, High School Teacher

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