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Ride with Respect: Snowmobile Etiquette

Things don’t slow down in Ramblers when we settle into winter. In fact, once the snow packs in, things speed up rather quickly. With prime snowmobiling locations among the Tushars, this activity is one of the most popular here in Beaver, Utah.

Before you head out for your snowmobile adventure, it’s important to be prepared for winter safety and stay updated on the proper etiquette. Everyone has the best experience when you respect the land, the equipment, and the others around you.

Follow these etiquette tips to Ramble Responsibly!

1. Prepare: Safety First

Whenever you’re adventuring out into the cold, it’s important to be prepared for winter conditions. It’s vital to stay informed, stay safe, and stay comfortable.

Make sure you’re up to date on local weather conditions, safe places to snowmobile in the area, and stock up on necessary supplies. To avoid accidents and safely navigate unforeseen circumstances, it’s important to have a riding buddy and always ride sober.

2. Arrive: Parking Lot Politeness

Heavy snow makes it impossible to see parking lot lines. Use common courtesy and be mindful of others when parking in the lot or trailhead.

  • Stay alert of the movement around you by both people and vehicles, especially during busy times.
  • Don’t rush, use your signals and communicate to make things more efficient for everyone.
  • Park in ways that maximize the remaining space for other rigs. If you’re the first one in the lot, park along the side, back, or edge to make it easy for others to file in next to you. If there are others parked when you arrive, make sure you don’t block them in or block the exit.

In short, exercise caution, patience, and common sense when parking.

3. Ride: Trail Etiquette & Riding Safely

The Basics:

  • Always safely operate your vehicle in a controlled manner (never mix drugs and alcohol with snowmobiling).
  • Stay on the trail and respect the wild spaces and private property around you.
  • Slow down for wildlife, other people, and parked vehicles.
  • Keep a safe distance from the sled in front of you and be cautious in high accident areas (intersections, tunnels, blind turns, etc.).
  • Drive single-file and on the right-side of the trails.
  • Respect speed limits and ride at speeds within your ability.
  • If you have to have to pull over, make sure you pull off on the right-hand side.

Ramble Responsibly Ramble Responsibly

Ride with care in Ramblers.

A must-know before you go is the specific signals used for snowmobilers. Signaling keeps things safe for everyone and helps you communicate with your group and others on the trail.

Safety Tip: Don’t signal if it means you’ll lose control. Safety and controlled operation comes first.

View Hand Signals Here >>

Share the Trails:

You may encounter trail workers and other outdoor enthusiasts along your ride. Be respectful when you approach someone by either pulling over to the let them pass or by slowing down and communicating so that you can safely pass them.

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