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Strawberry Flat

Strawberry Flat is an open meadow in the Tushars that is less visited than other places in eastern Beaver County. But, it is no less worthy as it has beautiful wildflowers, views of the mountains, and wide-open skies.

Strawberry Flat is accessed by the Three Creeks turn off from HWY 153. Once you come to the reservoir, the road forks. Stay right (FR 751) where you will be led along the west side of the reservoir. As you drive toward the dam, the road forks again, this time going left over the dam. The road (FR147) then winds up a hill and wraps around to the south where you encounter another fork. Stay right at the fork and drive up the hill to Strawberry Flat. As the meadow opens up, you’ll find the area you’re looking for.

This meadow is delicate with flowers and grasses that feed local wildlife. Please don’t drive in this area. If you are OHVing in the area, PST #88 from Betenson Flat comes right to Strawberry Flat.

Ramble Responsibly Ramble Responsibly

Leave no trace when visiting strawberry flat.