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The Ongoing Rise of Gravel Cycling

In Beaver County, we appreciate slowing down and embracing simplicity, always on the lookout for the next adventure. Lately, we’ve taken to the purity of gravel cycling. We love the clarity of cruising down an unpaved, uncrowded road with the freedom to soak in the skyscraping peaks, soothing valleys, and the rest of our surreal frozen-in-time landscape.

Check out this detailed map of the area and click on any route to uncover its description, distance, elevation gain, and photos.

Gravel cycling — aka gravel biking or gravel grinding — combines aspects of road cycling and mountain biking to offer up a mesmerizing new style of riding. This irresistible pairing of higher speeds with the ability to navigate irregular and loose routes has led to a boom in popularity as riders embrace the hybrid characteristics of gravel cycling.

To be classified as gravel riding, the route must be unpaved and non-technical. This gives road cyclists, who do most of their pedal work in or around populated areas, a great excuse to escape to the bounty of Beaver County’s rural backdrop. Along these same lines, we’ve yet to meet a mountain biker who isn’t obsessed with all things backcountry. For them, the scenic appeal is part of their DNA, and the opportunity to take it all in on less challenging trails is a huge draw.

Another element of gravel riding that attracts road cyclists is the lack of cars and trucks zooming past. While there can be motorized traffic on an inspiring gravel route, it is uncommon. Gravel cyclists revel in the wonder and solitude of going hours without seeing a car, or human for that matter!

This lack of the usual external obstacles for mountain and road bikers gives each more time to fully experience the hypnotic splendor of their surroundings and fully enjoy the ride. Still, these adventure seekers will savor the thrill and risk of conquering uneven, non-paved terrain.

With abundant wide open spaces, no crowds, peace and quiet that seems to stretch on forever, and some of Utah’s best gravel grinding routes, Beaver County is the ideal place to get started or continue your gravel obsession. Once you’re here and riding gravel, it may just change your entire perspective on what’s possible on two wheels.