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The Pass Road


The Pass Road was originally created to trail cattle raised on the verdant meadows in the Beaver valley across the Mineral Range to Milford to be sold and shipped off by train. This direct route saved the cattle drivers about 7-8 miles of distance and avoided towns and other obstacles. The route no longer sees cattle drives, but is a popular and well used graded County Road.

The Pass road can be located by heading west on Hwy 21 from Beaver. Travel 4.8 miles West from the Main street/Center Street intersection to the Pass road which will be located on the right hand side as Hwy 21 begins to arc to the left. The Pass road will head due west for 1 mile and then angle northwesterly across the sagebrush steppe until it reaches the base of the mountains. The road will meander up the canyon along Cherry Creek through pinyon/juniper forest until it passes the fenced in spring that feeds Cherry Creek. From this point, the road will wind up through a burn scar until you reach the pass summit at 7450 feet in elevation. The upper portions of the mountains on either side are covered with large granite peaks and domes with mahogany trees scattered throughout. The vistas and scenery are spectacular along the ride. The road will then wind back down the west side of the range and head across the grassy bench directly toward Milford. The road is 18 miles in length from the time it leaves Hwy 21 until it reaches Milford.