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Granite Peak Reservoir

Been there recently?

This hidden gem is a favorite of the locals. The trail up to the reservoir can be hiked in about an hour, and then the challenge really begins.


1 Day
  • Departure

    Milford, UT
  • Dress Code

    Cool and casual
  • Features

    Family Friendly
  • Not Included

    Food Recs

First: Lunch To-Go

Start the day by grabbing a lunch to go from Penny’s Diner.

Getting There: The Hike

With lunch packed up, head out of town on the Soldier pass Trail, a well maintained dirt road that climbs over the 7,388-foot Soldier pass in the Mineral Mountains. If you park right at the top of the pass there is a fence line, follow the trail on the east side of the fence  to discover the reservoir, a pool of water surrounded by the jagged rocks of the Mineral Mountains. This is a fun place for people of all ages and abilities to explore.

Optional: OHV

Another great way to explore the Minerals is on your OHV or ATV, there are a wide variety of trails in and around the Mineral Mountains, so if you have a ride, put this stop on your list.

Bring bait: Fishing

The reservoir is full of fish and whether you are fly fishing, spinning or baitcasting there is a good chance you will get a bite.

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