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Lincoln Mine Ride

Been there recently?

From lakeside leisure to riding the lincoln mine trail


1 Day
Power Sports
  • Departure

    Minersville, UT
  • Dress Code

    Cool and casual
  • Features

    Family Friendly
  • Not Included

    Food Recs

First: Minersville Reservoir

Minersville Reservoir is a picturesque lake nestled in between Beaver County's impressive Mountain Ranges. This popular destination is also a great starting point for a fun ATV trail that takes you past some of the region’s rich mining history.

Then: The Trail

This ride takes you up and around the Lincoln Mining District, which was the location of the first lead mine in Utah. The trail goes by the Creole Mine where you can see water flowing out of the mouth of the mine – miners struck an underground aquifer. The loop is a moderately easy ride with some sections of tight boulder-strewn washes and semi-steep slippery hill climbs just to keep it interesting! Part of the trail follows old mining roads through the southern tip of the Mineral Mountains. These are narrow-bladed roads that are rough and unmaintained. Newly cerated ATV trails connect road sections together and as a result, riders will pass onto and off of maintained County roads and old jeep trails.

Optional: Side Trail

A side trail from the main Lincoln Mine trail takes riders up to the top of Jacks Peak, which affords a scenic overlook of the Milford Flat.

Finish Strong: Back to Lounging

After the ride, hang out at the reservoir to catch the last rays of sun and hopefully, experience one of our stunningly beautiful sunsets.

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