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What’s there to do in Beaver, Utah?

Beaver County Travel Council’s Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Director, Michelle Evans, appeared on Good Things Utah on December 17, 2021 to promote Ramblers and an upcoming segment to be filmed in January 2022.

The following content was produced and is owned by Good Things Utah and ABC 4.

What’s there to do in Beaver, Utah? As it turns out, a lot

(Good Things Utah) – North of Cedar City on I-15, Beaver is a place where Utah’s Old West still thrives.

It’s not just the home of world-famous, rodeo champion Stetson Wright with a massively diverse landscape, Beaver County, Utah has incredible alpine mountains in the east, deserts in the west, and everything in-between.

The most prized mountain range in the area, the Tushar Mountains, is the third-highest mountain range in Utah after the Uinta Mountains and the La Sal Range. The great mountains were formed by the longest volcanic action in the state and now have the most concentrated and varied igneous rocks in Utah and are now home to Eagle Point Ski resort and endless hiking and snowmobiling trails.

Beaver is also a short distance from the Mineral Mountains. If you are going this way, make sure to ramble through the Mineral Mountains, one of Utah’s most magnificent but least known natural wonders, offering superb hikes through a rugged granite wonderland of cliffs, domes, and valleys.

Outdoor enthusiasts can take their pick of such unforgettable adventures in the Mineral Mountains, which tower west of the town of Beaver and form one of Ramblers’ most spectacular — but least known — natural wonders.

Once a well-kept secret, Beaver is a growing four-season paradise for outdoor recreationists.

Beaver County is a quickly growing spot to visit and there is no reason you shouldn’t too!