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5 Ways to Soak in Ramblers’ Fall Colors

Hike Britt’s Meadow
With wide trails and abundant wildlife, Britts Meadow is in the Beaver River Canyon of the Tushar Mountains at the junction of Lake Stream and Hy Hunt Creek. From Britts Meadow you can hike to Big Flat, this hike is great for a group. The 3.5-mile trail (or 7-mile round trip) is a gentle incline through the Tushars. Learn more.
E-Bike the Trails
Easily cruise under the Aspens and along the trails on an e-bike. These new mountain sensations make covering ground a cinch.

Looking for a great trail to ride e-bikes and see some stellar leaves? Here are our recommendations:

  1. Merchant Valley through box canyon on 615 to 3 creeks. Then on to Puffers Lake via pst 27 then pst 29.  Make the loop to Big Flat and back to puffers lake.
  2. South Creek trail past 68 to ranger pasture.
  3. Shingle Creek Canyon via 114 and snow canyon via 483.
  4. Jimmy reed trailhead 124 to mudflat, the ice caves, and Baker Canyon.
  5. Pine Creek Canyon Loop 118 across to Sulphurdale and back.

E-Bike Rentals are available from Rock’n J Rentals.

Horseback the Skyline Trail
Skyline Trail offers some of the most panoramic views of the Tushars you can find. There are so many ways to enjoy this trail. Hikers can choose any length they would like to explore with this out and back trail. Backpackers can explore all of the trails 23-miles of one-way views. This is also a perfect trail to bring horses on. The elevation crests at 11,100 feet, while the route skirts multiple 12,000-foot peaks. Learn more.
ATV the Paiute Trail
This 275-mile long loop is one of the best recreational rides in the state (and maybe beyond!). The trail takes you through stunning vistas, technical ascents, and dense forest environments. In addition to the main trail, riders will find over 1000 miles of marked side trails and an estimated 1500 plus miles of side forest roads and trails. To ride the complete loop takes an estimated 25 hours, so it is often enjoyed in segments. If you are looking to do the complete loop, we recommend planning out a three to four-day trip. Learn more.
Fish at Puffer Lake
About an hour from Beaver, this 65-acre alpine lake is located along SR-153 at an elevation of 9,672 feet. While it is a natural lake, a dam for irrigation storage enhances its capacity, which reaches a depth of 50 feet when it is completely filled. (At the end of the irrigation season, it’s about half of that.) The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources stocks the lake with rainbow trout and brook trout, making it one of the most scenic fishing destinations in the region. Learn more.