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Bullion Canyon

The canyon is located on the eastern slopes of the Tushar Mountains between Mount Belknap and Delano Peak. The name comes from the old gold, silver, lead and copper mines in the area. Today, the region is best known for a series of challenging trails that can be explored by on horseback or on foot. It also offers ATV enthusiasts a ride through beautiful stands of aspen and pines, and a historical drive through the Old Bullion City. Remains of the old town, established in 1868 include old cabins, buildings, mines and the old mill.

With beautiful pastures (Bullion Pasture), waterfalls (Bullion Falls) and breathtaking vistas, it is definitely worth the challenge (and challenge you the trails will)!

Below are some resources where you can learn more about the trails, the remnants of old mining camps, and the wildflowers that grow there: