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Beaver County is a land of hard-edged mountains, remote desert ranges, and clear horizons in southwest Utah. The Tushar Mountains east of Beaver and Interstate 15 offer the county’s best

The canyon is located on the eastern slopes of the Tushar Mountains between Mount Belknap and Delano Peak. The name comes from the old gold, silver, lead and copper mines

From the east, Granite Peak doesn’t look like much, but the western side reveals breathtaking formations of rock and undiscovered canyons. The tallest peak in the Mineral Mountains (named for

Along with Belknap and Delano, Mt. Baldy soars above the other mountains of the Tushars, an impressive rock pinnacle that juts into the sky.

The Tushar Mountain range, just east of the city of Beaver, is the third-highest mountain range in the state, with three peaks topping 12,000 feet. Challenge yourself to bag them all