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Mud Season

First comes snow, then comes the mud. Mud season is something hikers, bikers, and riders in Beaver County must be prepared for when hitting the trails. After a particularly wet winter season, mud can become an issue on some popular hiking trails. It’s important to take proper precautions to avoid getting stuck in the mud, damaging your vehicle, or damaging the trail itself. Often the best answer is to avoid the trails altogether during this muddy time of year.

What to do instead? Keep on skiing! Eagle Point is open until April 2nd, and late in the year ski trips are often rewarded with significant snowfall. Plus, festivities are high as the resort celebrates the wrap on another season.

the Creamery. The Creamery offers a family-forward activity when the weather isn’t cooperating. Indulge in fine cheeses, exquisite cheese curds, and ice cream made from the milk produced at neighboring family farms. 

Drive the
Tushar Mountain Scenic Byway—with the proper tires and preparations, of course. While many trails will be off-limits, a scenic drive while temperatures warm up may be just the answer to cabin fever. Drive through breathtaking vistas and beautiful pines, and keep an eye out for elk, deer, black bears, cougars, wild turkeys, and mountain goats roaming the Fishlake National Forest. 

Brush up on some
history. Visit historical sites around Beaver County like Cove Fort and the Beaver Courthouse Museum. Pick up trivia along the way, like how Beaver City got its name—from the many beaver dams found in the area. 

Thank you for respecting the trails and backcountry during mud season. This awareness helps preserve trails for generations to come and might even save a pair of shoes along the way.