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New National Interscholastic Cycling Association Course

Ramblers is a utopia for outdoor enthusiasts. With so many opportunities to get outside and engage with our tranquil and secluded landscape, one can imagine how magical it must be growing up on such a sprawling playground. And you know us, we’re constantly seeking ways to add even more wonder and smiling eyes to that playground.

Enter the Utah High School Cycling League (UHSCL), a National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) affiliate. Fueled by the core principles of fun, inclusivity, equity, respect, and community, the UHSCL’s mission is to “Establish a fun, enduring, and relevant interscholastic mountain biking program to improve Utah’s communities and the lives of Utah’s teens.”

One way the UHSCL impacts communities is through trail building. Thanks to the UHSCL and the selfless efforts of 48 kids, coaches, and 12 kind community members, first-rate trails were recently carved out and built to form an exhilarating NICA course!

To ensure the new course met the UHSCL’s minimum standard and doesn’t feature any technical characteristics beyond a high school racer’s capabilities, the course was scouted and GPS mapped. This course is 5.75 miles with 385 ft elevation gain and combines road, double, and single track for a thrilling ride.

On September 16, 2023, Ramblers proudly hosts a regional UTAH High School MTB 2023 Race on our NICA course. Join us on race day to cheer on our young riders!