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Snowmobiling in Beaver County

The Tushars get plenty of snow during the winter creating great riding opportunities. There is riding to be had along Kent’s Lakes Loop, Big Flat, and more!

Need a sled? Want a guide? Check-in with Tucker High Adventure Tours or Rock’n J Rentals and begin exploring Ramblers’ winter wonderland. 

Have a snowmobile and want to head out on your own? These beautiful snowmobile locations are ready for you. However, before you head out, we recommend checking in with local snow conditions to ensure a great experience. 

For beginner snowmobilers, we recommend heading to Kents Lakes Loop, where groomed trails make riding easy. Or, book a tour with Tucker High Adventure Tours

Advanced riders should check out Big Flat or Merchant Valley, where deep powder takes skill to navigate.

Big Flat

Big Flat is the perfect destination for those who want to experience the best Utah has to offer, without the crowds. With wide-open meadows, beautiful trails through the trees, and deep snow, this is a perfect place for more experienced snowmobilers. 

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Merchant Valley

A narrow, cliff-side route guides you to the placid surroundings of Merchant Valley, where, in winter, snowmobile tracks crisscross the open meadow and sparse white aspens meet lush ponderosas along the gently rolling hills.

Kent’s Lakes Loop

Beautiful canyon riding and gradual climbing make Kent’s Lake Trail a favorite of many riders. This well-groomed trail features twists and turns for riders experiencing the Tushar Mountains. It is also great for beginners. Expansive play areas can be found near the junction of Kent’s Lake and Three Creeks Trails

Three Creeks Trails

This trail provides easy access to Big Flat, one of the region’s most well-known and beloved winter play areas. Accessed by the Puffer Lake Trailhead, this trail provides outstanding snowmobiling opportunities. 

Accessing this trail from Junction Trailhead offers a somewhat steeper climb to the top of Beaver Mountain. Several moderately steep switchbacks reward riders with beautiful views of the surrounding valleys and Paiute Reservoir.