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Looking to put the “awe” into an awesome family getaway? Take your family to Ramblers for a two-day stargazing experience, where the stars shine so bright you can see the Milky Way. 


If you or your loved ones have never seen a truly dark sky, prepare to be awestruck by the power and scope of the universe.


The best news? It’s easy and free! Anyone can stargaze and it costs nothing to drive to one of our recommended locations and get cozy under the stars. 


Follow our two-day recommended itinerary to create a fulfilling and well-rounded Ramblers family vacation that’s filled with twinkling stars at night. 

2 Day
Family Fun
  • Departure

    Beaver, UT
  • Dress Code

    warm and cozy
  • Features

    Family Friendly
  • Not Included

    Food Recs

Cut Loose: Minersville Lake Park

You may know Minersville Lake as a fantastic fishing destination and trophy lake, but did you know they also rent out nonmotorized water sports items? Including paddleboards, kayaks, and life jackets.  

If you love the outdoors or even if you don’t, take time to stop at Minersville Lake Park for some great fun. This lake is located 12 miles west of Beaver on S.R. 21. This quaint lake offers both a swim dock and a boat launching dock. There are restrooms with showers and an awesome campground.


Perhaps paddle boarding is not your thing, fear not, there is a recent new edition of a trim trail. Walk on the 1/2 – 1 mile loop and find stations along the way that cater to kids and adults alike. This trail will add a little something new to your walk while giving kids the chance to run, play and climb.


Hike: The Beaver Bench Trail System

Get on the trail close to Beaver City on the Beaver Bench Trail System. This trail system offers short and long loops with varying degrees of elevation gain, making it ideal for families that may want something easy or may want something more challenging. 


Enjoy sweeping views of Ramblers without having to drive too far from the conveniences of town. 


Take the adventure up a notch and ride a mountain bike or e-bike on the trails, which these were designed for. Mountain bikes are available for rent from Tucker High Adventure Tours and e-bikes are available from Rock-n J Rentals. 


Stargaze: Big John Flat

3.5 miles down a gravel road, you’ll discover Big John Flat, a popular camping area among locals and visitors alike. Fall in love with the area’s large grassy meadows, which offer access to Delano Peak—Beaver County’s highest peak. If you hike to the top of Delano before dusk and stay high on the peak, you’ll have access to the region's highest views, which are bound to bring stargazing to a whole new level.


Indulge: The Creamery

The Creamery sells a handful of cheeses, each expertly crafted to suit the palates of its visitors, as well as its famous cheese curds. Made at the plant and packed by hand, the cheeses on The Creamery’s shelves (if not aged), have been made within 30 days of their arrival to the store.

Inside the Creamery, an experiential space provides a cheesemaking table with touchscreen cheesemaking activities, brightly colored and illustrated walls, and a life-size cow named Lily who can be milked via a real milking machine with a digital representation of the milk.

Enjoy a fantastic dining experience and follow it up with some of the best ice cream around.


Go Off-Grid: Beaver County Ice Caves

We’re giving you the inside scoop (after visiting the creamery, perhaps?!), and are disclosing insider information about this secret spot.  That said, everyone likes a good adventure, so we’re going to leave this one as a bit of a challenge. 

After following our directions to the Ice Caves, you’re going to find the coolest spot in Utah! This lava flow system is reported to have crevasses, so bring your safety (climbing!) gear, headlamps, and extra flashlights if you decide to venture inside. Even on the hottest days of summer, the drop in temperature is delightful, and it’s rumored to hold ice year-round. Imagine that!


Rockhound: The Mineral Mountains

Every kid likes finding cool rocks to display at home. If your kid is a rock lover, then the Mineral Mountains are the perfect spot for a rockhounding adventure. The Minerals, one of Utah’s most mineral-rich areas, offers excellent gem and rock hunting along its western base. 

Avid collectors come here to find spectacular chunks of rock like smoky quartz, opal, azurite, pyrite, gold, silver, obsidian, and blue beryl, a prized gemstone.  

After a day of rockhounding, spread the shiny rocks on a picnic table and admire the haul. Maybe one of the kids just found a precious stone that will finance her college education.


Stargaze: Rock Corral

Rock Corral Recreation Area is located on the eastern side of Beaver County in the Mineral Mountains. This area has pit toilets for convenience and is in a very remote, non-popular area. The granite peaks that are typical in these mountains surround you and loom into the night sky as you gaze skyward, adding a different view and perspective that is incredible to behold.

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