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If you like to play big while outdoors, there’s no better place than Beaver County. We have it all without the crowds. From high alpine to desert, our visitors OHV, hike, climb, paddle… you name it.


Next time you’re in Beaver County to play outdoors, consider wrapping up each day with an evening of stargazing. Relax and take in the wonder of a truly dark sky. After all your fun, you may still consider this the highlight of your day…or night!


Here are our suggestions for big outdoor fun and stellar stargazing in Beaver County.

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    Beaver, UT
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    warm and cozy
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ATV: The Paiute Trail

A side loop of Utah’s famous Paiute Trail, one of the best recreational rides in the state, comes into Beaver County and is easily accessible. Beaver County's portion of the Paiute trail takes you through stunning vistas, technical ascents, and dense forest environments.


From the main trail, riders will find over 1000 miles of marked side trails and an estimated 1500-plus miles of side forest roads and trails. To ride the complete Paiute Trail takes an estimated 25 hours, so it is often enjoyed in segments. If you are looking to do the complete loop, we recommend planning out a three to four-day trip.


The Paiute trail caters to ATV riders looking for relaxing, family-type riding as well as stretches that will challenge technical riders.


Mountain Bike: Eagle Point Resort

During the summer months, Eagle Point transforms itself into a mountain getaway, where alpine air provides a respite from the heat. Among stunning alpine peaks, guests enjoy mountain biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing, paintball, disc golf, and access to world-class ATV trails. with the mountain tops serving as a backdrop, weddings are popular at Eagle Point, particularly during the summer months when the smell of pine trees graces outdoor venues and the rustle of aspens interrupts the silence.


Stargaze: Eagle Point Resort

At 10,000 feet, Eagle Point Resort is your gateway to gazing at other galaxies. For the same reason some of our most powerful telescopes are perched on top of mountains, the Tushar Mountains’ low humidity and dew point plus less air between you and the stars creates better viewing conditions and less atmospheric distortion. The resort’s limited, low-profile lighting further reduces the chance of light pollution, allowing the stars of the show to shine bright.


Hike: Delano Peak

The tallest mountain in the Tushar Range and in two counties, Delano Peak offers the intrepid climber an incomparable view of Southern Utah, and bragging rights for summiting the 12,174-foot titan (over 6,000 feet higher than nearby Beaver City). Despite its height, the Peak is non-technical, so just grab your hiking boots and ten essentials and go for it (though some may feel the effects of the altitude). If you’re lucky you’ll spy herds of mountain goats scrambling across the talus during your trek.


Paddle: Puffer Lake

About an hour from Beaver, this 65-acre alpine lake is located along SR-153 at an elevation of 9,672 feet. While Puffer Lake is a natural lake, a dam for irrigation storage enhances its capacity, which reaches a depth of 50 feet when it is filled. (At the end of the irrigation season, it’s about half of that.) The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources stocks the lake with rainbow trout and brook trout, making it one of the most scenic fishing destinations in the region.


In the summer months, this lake is a great spot for paddle boarding with no waves to contend with. In the winter it transitions into a great spot for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.


Stargaze: Puffer Lake & Big Flat

For lakeside viewing, head to Puffer Lake. This 65-acre alpine lake is located two miles past Eagle Point Resort on Highway 153. For an easy ‘two-for-one’ viewing of the stars, check out Big Flat, just 10 minutes past Puffer Lake via a gravel road. Big Flat is a premier stargazing location in the United States where 360 views provide a sense of awe you will never forget. You’ll find no light pollution here as the closest town is miles away. There are pull-out grassy areas that can be accessed for overnight camping where you can gaze the night away.

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