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Author: VistaWorks Admin

The City of Beaver is the largest city in the area, and with all the amenities you need for your next adventure and its prime location between the Tushar and

With a current population of about 1,500, Milford is a small town located in the western section of Beaver County, Utah. The first settlers took up homesteads in 1880.

Minersville was settled in 1859 under the direction of Brigham Young so a lead mine could be operated on the site where Jesse N. Smith and three others had found

The unincorporated town of Greenville was originally a camp on the north side of Beaver River. Settled in 1861, the name came from the thick green grass that was found

The Tushars get plenty of snow during the winter creating great riding opportunities. There is riding to be had along Kent’s Lakes Loop, Big Flat, and more!