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Next time you're in Beaver County to play outdoors, consider wrapping up each day with an evening of stargazing. Relax and take in the wonder of a truly dark sky.

Looking to put the “Awe” into an awesome family getaway? Take your family to Beaver County for a 2-day stargazing experience, where the stars shine so bright, you can see

Here are five reasons why it’s well worth your time to get off the expressway and explore the region for yourself.

Looking for an easy getaway to take with your family where you can take advantage of the cool fall weather and see beautiful leaves? Come to Beaver in western

The school year may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a weekend getaway to enjoy the best time of year. Looking for an easy getaway to

Utah’s winters are known for its large ski resorts, like Deer Valley and Alta. But beyond these, Beaver County is still Utah and a winter wonderland filled with activities for