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Ramblers is a land of hard-edged mountains, remote desert ranges, and clear horizons in southwest Utah. The Tushar Mountains east of Beaver and Interstate 15 offer the county’s best hiking

The Chromosome Dome is one of the Milford Domes in the Mineral Mountains. Home to some of Utah’s best off-the-beaten-track climbing adventures, the domes—a collection of white granite cliffs, buttresses,

Hoping to bag another summit? Looking to hang glide clear across the state? The purple quartzite slopes of Frisco Peak, the highest point in the Frisco Mountains, won’t disappoint.

The canyon is located on the eastern slopes of the Tushar Mountains between Mount Belknap and Delano Peak. The name comes from the old gold, silver, lead and copper mines

With wide trails and abundant wildlife, Britts Meadow is in the Beaver River Canyon of the Tushar Mountains at the junction of Lake Stream and Hy Hunt Creek. From Britts

From the east, Granite Peak doesn’t look like much, but the western side reveals breathtaking formations of rock and undiscovered canyons. The tallest peak in the Mineral Mountains (named for

Traveling to Kent's Lakes is a three-in-one adventure. The lakes cover 48 acres at an elevation of 8,790 feet with a maximum depth of 30 feet. They are stocked with

This beautiful high mountain retreat offers excellent fishing in LeBaron Lake and magnificent scenery. At 9900-foot elevation, alpine vegetation surrounds the serene and secluded LeBaron Reservoir

Manderfield Reservoir (AKA Indian Creek Reservoir) was built in the 1920s by the Manderfield Ditch and Irrigation Company. The reservoir was comprised of two side-by-side impoundments sometimes identified on maps

Along with Belknap and Delano, Mt. Baldy soars above the other mountains of the Tushars, an impressive rock pinnacle that juts into the sky.

Built in the Late Victorian architectural style, the Territorial Courthouse was completed in June 1882. This building features a second-story courtroom where the flag from the USS Utah, which sank

Nestled 10 miles east of Milford, you will find the Rock Corral Recreation area at the head of the Corral Canyon. You will be amazed by the towering granite peaks

About an hour from Beaver, this 65-acre alpine lake is located along SR-153 at an elevation of 9,672 feet. While it is a natural lake, a dam for irrigation storage

Taylor’s Crag is a perfect spot to enjoy some of the best climbing in the Ramblers. Right off the Paiute Trail, beginners and experts alike can enjoy this climbing crag.

The Pass Road was originally created to trail cattle raised on the verdant meadows in the Beaver valley across the Mineral Range to Milford to be sold and shipped off

Located within the majestic Tushar Mountain Range and nestled within a forest of aspen and mixed conifer Tushar Lake, also known as Lower Kents Lake, is the perfect place for

This unique structure built by a skilled craftsman back in the day is quite unique and worth a visit. The cabin is built in a hollowed-out section of a large

The Tushar Mountain range, just east of the city of Beaver, is the third-highest mountain range in the state, with three peaks topping 12,000 feet. Challenge yourself to bag them all